Online Rugby Betting in Kenya

Rugby is one of the most competitive and intense contact sports to be played on an international scale. In Kenya, rugby has been adopted from its commonwealth past, becoming increasingly popular at school and club level. Rugby is also one of the most popular betting sports with millions of bettors placing wagers on international games. For Kenyans, online and mobile rugby betting is the easiest, safest and fastest way to place a wager on any local or international rugby game.

Understanding the Basics of Rugby

Successful online rugby betting in Kenya starts with understanding the basics of the game. For those who are new to the sport, there are key points to remember. Firstly, international rugby can be broken down into two main categories; these being rugby league and rugby union. League rugby is a faster version of the game with longer halves and more scoring opportunities. Union rugby is the most predominate form of the game and is much slower, with each team slowly gaining territory before a try is scored.

Most of the betting offered at online betting sites in Kenya will be on union rugby games and tournaments. Rugby betting provides bettors with ample opportunity to bet throughout the year. Aside from the World Cup, the most popular rugby tournaments include Super Rugby, the Six Nations, the Rugby Championships, the Curry Cup and the Kenya Cup. Within each tournament and game, a number of rugby bets can be placed.

Types of Rugby Bets

The most popular bet is the win/lose bet. This simply involves predicting who will win the particular matchup. In the case where one team is the clear favourite, Kenyan online betting sites will offer line betting where one team is handed a virtual advantage. Tournament bets or futures involve predicting the winner of the tournament before the event has even begun. It is also possible to place prop bets including the first team to score a try, which team will score the most tries, the score at half-time and who will be awarded man of the match.

Before You Bet

Online ruby betting can be exciting and a great way to extend your love of the game. However, before jumping in and placing a large bet, there are a few things to consider. Since rugby is a team sport, it is important to find out if the team has any injuries or changes to the coaching staff. Another factor which can influence the outcome of the game is where the match is played. Home ground advantage is shown to have a marked influence on the residing team. Other things to consider include the current form of the teams in question and previous matchup results.

Betting in Kenya

If you are keen to start betting, either online or on your mobile, the good news is you can start get started straight away. As sports enthusiasts ourselves, we have created a comprehensive list of all the best online and mobile sports betting sites in Kenya. Each site has been carefully chosen for its range of markets, ease of use, mobile accessibility, secure banking options and customer support. Browse through the list, sign up and get started betting on rugby online today.

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